Mushroom Nature Photography

Flammulina velutipes

I’ve always been an avid wildflower, and other flora and fauna, spotter and photographer, but one year on a post-storm hike with my family, I saw mushrooms everywhere, which I casually photographed. One tiny bright orange translucent Flammulina velutipes cluster, aka ‘The Velvet Shank,’ on a moss-covered log was particularly compelling, and I was hooked. There’s something magical about refueling in the damp forest and discovering its treasures. I prefer in situ photography, but one day maybe I’ll be foraging for edibles as well. Most photos shot with my trusty Canon DSLR 60mm Macro Lens.

Mushroom Cap Grid Series 1

Mushroom Cap Series 3 – Square Photo

Featuring some of the season’s best caps. Please order in square format only.

Graceful Psathyrella Troupe

Graceful Psathyrella Troupe Under Redwoods

This photo was shot from the ground up, reminding me of the small wonders that grow amongst the tall beauty above.

Hygrocybe and sorrel

Hygrocybe (likely H. singeri), aka Western Witch’s Hat Wax Cap

Nature provides a perfect composition of a viscous orange-red mushroom and redwood sorrel.

Coprinopsis lagopus group

Coprinopsis lagopus group

These delicate mushrooms always take on interesting shapes and then are gone in a short time. This one reminded me of a donut.

Amanita muscaria

Amanita muscaria subsp flavivolvata

Veil remnants drip off of this vibrant fly agaric mushroom.

Mycena and Moss

Mycena and Moss

Two of my favorites come alive after the first rains.

Mushroom Folded Note Cards

Note Cards Available

Let’s discuss the joy of receiving snail mail! Assorted 3×5″ pictured.