Frequently Asked Questions

What are your prices?

Please contact me and I’ll email you a current price list. I do not charge by the word, but by either the piece or by the scope and layout of the piece.

Extra Envelopes and/or Card Stock

If you are in the process of ordering your invitations and/or seating card stock, please provide me with a minimum of 15% (20% for extra soft papers) extra envelopes and/or card stock (including cards for seating components). This allows enough extras for paper flaws, my mistakes, your mistakes and any changes or additions.

What’s Your Lead Time for Scheduling?

Once you’ve decided to use my services, let me know as soon as possible since I’m often booked a month or more in advance. Your time is reserved as soon as I receive your signed estimate and deposit.

How Do I Reserve Time for My Project?

If you are interested in booking time for your project, Email me! I will need some information from you and provide you with a written estimate. Once I receive a signed copy of the estimate and your non-refundable deposit, I will reserve the time for your project.

What’s Your Turn-time?

Generally a project is completed in 2-3 weeks, depending on the scope of the work. This allows adequate time to accommodate many clients’ due dates within a common period. Seating components usually have a 1 week turn-time.

Is There a Rush Fee?

If you need your job finished in less than my current turn-time and I’m able to schedule you in, a rush fee applies. I don’t rush the actual work, but can often rearrange and add more hours to my schedule.


If you do not live in the Bay Area or find it more convenient to ship (and your comfort-level allows it), I generally prefer either UPS insured or Federal Express insured. Shipping to me and then picking up your finished job in person works well too. I do not hand-deliver.

How long have you been doing calligraphy?

I first started in middle school (taking classes at the local rec. center – think “Rocket Man” by Elton John), took a detour into graphic design (high school – think IBM Selectric), then painting, printmaking, and photography (college – oils, flatbed presses, film cameras and darkrooms), and the fashion industry and software development (post-college, pre-Windows).

Where did you learn calligraphy?

At the above-mentioned local rec. center. Then as an adult I refreshed my skills with classes in Orinda and Berkeley, a summer working for a local calligrapher, and lots of practice, practice, practice.

When did you start doing calligraphy professionally?

In August of 2002 (as a sole-proprietorship).

What is “hand-ruling”?

I use a light-table with a template underneath the paper or card stock, for most projects. If the envelopes or paper are too dark to see through this way, the piece(s) must be hand-ruled with pencil lines, then erased afterwards. This process adds to the time and cost of the project.

Why don’t you have price-breaks?

I’m often asked if I have a price-break for higher quantities. While I appreciate and enjoy large projects, I pretty much work at a steady pace throughout, rather than get faster the more I do.

Why can’t I get a sample from you?

If there were more hours in the day and fewer requests, I would be able to do it. Every job is unique and includes its own template, specific ink and pen nibs and thus set-up time, so samples are akin to project artwork. I do have an info. packet with high-res. scanned copies that can be sent. Or better yet, if you live in the Bay Area, make an appointment to come see my portfolios (during regular weekday business hours, please).

Do you have references?

Yes, please contact me and I’ll send you a current list.

Additional guidelines will be included with your written estimate. Please contact me if you have further questions!