About Tracy

I have always loved writing with pen and paper. I first picked up a brass dip pen in middle school, decades ago, and diligently practiced calligraphy, entering local art shows and producing work for school signage and invitations. I went on to complete a B.A. in Fine Art (painting and printmaking) at U.C. Berkeley, worked many years in the floral and fashion industries and travelled extensively in Asia. After an October wedding and trekking to high altitudes, the next decade was spent working in business software development and starting a family.

Fulfilling a need to integrate my arts background with meaningful work, I returned to the fine art of calligraphy and studied lettering in Berkeley, Oakland and Orinda, California. While reacquainting myself with familiar letterforms I began developing my own ‘traditional with a modern twist’ styles. I still use dip pens with a large array of calligraphy inks and enjoy working in a variety of styles. My distinctive hand lettering will add a personal touch to your wedding or special event. Projects have included quotations, custom designs, corporate events, and many many weddings – I especially love the meditative rhythm and pace of high volume envelope addressing and lettering for seating and event receptions (really!). I work in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area and look forward to discussing your project with you.

And, my last name is Joe; I’m not from the south, I’m actually a native-born Californian.

“Etiquette is meant to smooth the path between people to better relationships,” Elizabeth Post once said.

Elementary school Halloween parade; Tracy is the shortest in the parade.

California Halloween 1966

Elementary school Halloween photo of Tracy as a parent.

California Halloween 2006

Tracy is crouched under trees photographing mushrooms.

California Mushroom Photography 2019